"Across track and field, King Edward VII School has excelled in local and regional meets, with records still standing after decades."

Athletics was the first sport that King Edward VII School introduced as an extracurricular activity. The first School athletics team competed in 1905, and the School has been at the forefront of athletics amongst the traditional all boys’ schools in Gauteng.

The School Championship competition was run for the first time in 1905 and by tradition the victor ludorum in the School Championship is appointed athletics captain.

The School Championship is effectively the inter house competition as well and as an inter house activity is the largest intra school competition. The inter house competition challenge each other for the Strang Cup. The event has become so large with hundreds of entries that inter house takes nine days to complete allowing mass participation.

Traditionally athletes competed in the 3rd term, however King Edward VII School has lengthened the season into the 4th and 1st term of the following year. This allows our athletes to compete against other schools and compete for provincial and national honours as summer is essentially the correct season for athletics competitions.

In the 3rd term King Edward VII School competes against its traditional all boy school opposition. Whilst in the 4th and 1st term the athletes compete at various invitational, cluster, district, and provincial events.








    Team Blazer

    • J R Baines Gr 11C
    • C G Curtis Gr 11F
    • J Idana Gr 11B
    • R C Mohale Gr 11G
    • T C Motlhako Gr 11H
    • C N Shibodze Gr 11D




    • C G Curtis Gr 12E
    • L Hlengane Gr 11D
    • L T Pillay Gr 11F
    • J N Vermeulen Gr 11E

    Team Blazer

    • J Asamoah-Bakoe Gr 11F
    • J P du Plessis Gr 11G
    • H C Folchini Gr 12F
    • A K Mkhontwana Gr 11E
    • P Mulea Gr 12C
    • N J T Ngatane Gr 12F
    • K D Ritchie Gr 12E
    • L Sefike Gr 12F
    • W Viljoen Gr 12H


    King Edward VII School records are set by King Edward VII Athletes at the King Edward VII track only

    EVENT OPEN U17 U16 U15 U14
    100m 10,66s 10,80s 10,71s 10.99s 11.2s
    D Krossynski D Krossynski J Du Plessis L Pillay A McQuire
    2003 2002 2019 2018 2008
    200m 21,58s 21,9s 21,37s 22.13s 23,03s
    D Seete E Despotakis L Hlengane L Pillay T Smith
    2019 2014 2019 2018 L Pillay
    400m 47,6s 49,36s 49,11s 48.80s 53,6s
    S Berridge E Despotakis E Despotakis L Pillay B Tickle
    1983 2014 2013 2018 1996
    800m 1m 53,2s 1m 56.25 1m 59,8s 2m 02,31s 2m 06,05s
    D Strang W Theil N Dlamini S Freeman M Ntlumayo
    1986 2018 2006 2014 2012
    1500m 4m 00,81s 4m 13,3s 4m 14,37s 4m 17,4s 4m 26,49
    N Whittaker M Rodrigues J Vermeulen  M Rodrigues M Jonosky
    2019 1999 2019 1997 2016
    3000m 9m 02,8s No event 9m 36,4s No event No event
    A Rodrigues 2006 T Mantsho
    300m Hurdles 39,2s 39.5s No event 38.85s 45.52s
    G Trebble B Janse van Renburg 2011 L Pillay K Tekane
    1990   2018 2018
    T Marolen 2008    
    400m Hurdles 56,72s 59,78s 56,54s No event  No event
    B Janse van Rensburg K Makhesha L.Hlengane
    2012 2012 2019
    Short Hurdles (2011 and Previous) 100m Hurdles 100m Hurdles 100m Hurdles 100m Hurdles 80m Hurdles
    13,2s 12,9s 13,3s 13,5s 11,4s
    G Trebble1990 D Malherbe G Wildman G Wildman J De Bruin
    D Malherbe 1995 2008 2007 2005
    1996 G Wildman 2009      
    Short Hurdles (2012 onwards) 110m Hurdles 110m Hurdles 110m Hurdles 100m Hurdles 100m Hurdles
    14.9 15.34 14,18 13.44s 13.69s
    S Mayekiso D Petzer L Hlengane K Tekane J Edwards/K Nydimande
    2012 2014 2019 2019 2014
    High Jump 2,00m 2,05m 1,97m 1,91m 1,90m
    N De Swardt N De Swardt N De Swardt M Shabangu M Shabangu
    2019 2018 2017 2015 2014
    Long Jump 7.50m 7,28m 7,02m 6,86m 6,29m
    M. Mthembu D Cotter D Cotter R Mohale T Mphafi
    2013 2008 2007 2017 2018
    Shot Put 17,89m 20.13 18.48m 18,94m 15.69m
    P Duvenage P Duvenage  P Duvenage P Duvenage P Duvenage
    2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
    Javelin 60,28m 61,79m 58,11m 62,97m 50,28m
    J Crichton J Crichton D Bower J Crichton  J Ripley-Evans
    2009 2008 1994 2006 1996
    Triple Jump 15,13m 15,12m 14,18m 14,38m 12,70m
    M Mthembu D. Cotter K Makhesha N Mbokazi M Shabangu
    2013 2008 2011 2008 2014
    Discus 54,98m 59.08 62.01m 63.42m 46,36m
    P Duvenage P Duvenage P Duvenage P Duvenage P Duvenage
    2016 2015 2014 2013 2012

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